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Whether you are a large company or one person team doing the most to push your product out there, we want to hear from you!

It's important to us to present easily accessible and important information to the public looking for outdoor products. We especially value small businesses that are creating inclusive and innovative products from and for historically marginalized communities but welcome any business actively investing to make significant environmental and social impacts.

Our directory is simply that, a directory to help people find brands that fit their values. We do not officially endorse a company as "good" or "bad" but simply try to share information about the brands out there. Although, we do welcome reviews from customers on each company profile to share with future audiences. 

If your company is interested in being featured on the site, please read more about the goal of this directory and our process visit the About Marketplace page. Additionally, ask that brands are respectful to how we define certain search filters (More information in the partnership form) . *Please note, our metrics and language are NOT perfect; we welcome feedback and aim to update as we receive it.

After reading through this site, if you would like to submit your company's information to be featured please submit your partnership info in the form below. 


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